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Mod Podge Fabric Mirror

Attention all who claim they don't have a crafty bone in their body THIS CRAFTS FOR YOU! This is a no-skill-required craft.

A "Pinspired" Party!

Let's face it Pinterest is changing the crafting world as we know it.  For me, I was inspired to throw a party filled with some of the lovely things I've discovered on this incredible website. Though you may not have joined in on all the fun of the party you can at least experience it vicariously through this party recap!
Here's what we ate: Feta Pesto

{Large Cinched Tote} Tutorial

With spring & summer lingering in our minds, dreaming of warm days lounging on the beach or under a shady tree...oh sorry I got a bit carried away there! Well you know what's been on my mind! And that's precisely what got me inspired to make this oversized tote for all your summer luggin' (get it? summer lovin'?) I know, lame.  

Easy Reversible Baby Beanie

Time to bust out the sewing machine yet again for another easy-to-make baby beanie. Making it without the flower for the little boy in your life and with it for that cute touch for the precious girl. This beanie is reversible so that it can grow with your little one. 
Using the beanie this way is perfect for a 3-9 month old.

Valentine's Day Cupcakes & Pie Form Cake Stand

It's been years now that I've been saying "I need a cake stand". Why I never bought one is beyond me, however, since I never did buy one I decided now's the perfect time to MAKE one! Then when I decided to make one I thought "I can't show it without some delicious cupcakes to display on it!" So that lead me to my next decision to get baking...yum!
Hope you enjoy this two-in-one cake stand & cupcakes post!

Fabric Button Earrings

I love this idea because the possibilities are ENDLESS! I'm addicted already. I just hope I can find the fabrics I am envisioning in my head.

Who Needs Starbucks? Make Your Own Vanilla Latte

Ever taken the time to add up the amount of money you spend a year on coffee? Bet you'd be shocked if you did!  With a little patience and effort you can have a gourmet latte everyday in your very own home.

{GiveAway} Winners Announced!

First and foremost, THANK YOU to all of you who entered into my very first giveaway! I feels good to give back to those who make my blog worth writing. If you didn't win today, don't worry I'm already brainstorming my next one! Here's how it turned out!

DIY {Peanut Butter Smoothie}

When I became pregnant I automatically assumed that peanut butter was out of the question. I was so happy when I found out that this was not the case since I craved it just about everyday. One of my guilty pleasures is a certain smooth shop's Peanut Butter smoothie but with how often I wanted one it was getting a bit pricey. So what did I do? I decided to try making it at home with good old fashion ingredients. Turns out this is pretty darn easy to do. If you are a Peanut Butter smoothie lover like me all you need to do is follow the instructions below and viola you have your very own PB smoothie! I'm telling you, it taste just the same. Sorry it's not so healthy though, probably why I packed on so many pregnancy pounds!

Project Preview

Unfortunately with a blizzard on the horizon I will not be spray painting anything today or tomorrow or Saturday for that matter. But I thought it would nice to give you a sneak peak into my next project. If you spend anytime at all on Pinterest then you've probably got an idea of what I'm about to do. If you don't, well then I guess you'll just have to hang tight and await the surprise!  All I will say is that it will include each of these items (and a few more).

Kids & Adult Aprons {GiveAway}!

Welcome to my very first {GiveAway}! What I have for you today is a lovely assortment of kids and adult aprons handmade by yours truly. I have four choices in the 1-5 year old size, two choices in the 6-10 year size and one adult women's size. To qualify for the giveaway please continue reading below.