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Catch Ya Later!

I'm on vacation...catch you when I get back! Can you guess where?

Breakfast Party!

As the months flew by and the day quickly approached I found myself quite apprehensive about turning the big 3-0. Lucky for me I was distracted by all my party planning, friends, and family that it made the leap into the next decade rather smooth. In the past I haven't made much of a fuss when it came to my birthdays but this one...this one was 30! How could I not embrace it to the best of my ability and throw a really great party??? When I was deciding on what to do for my party I was in the middle of my cleanse which put my mind on all the things I love to eat but couldn't. I wanted so badly to have pancakes and coffee! This became my inspiration for my birthday party.

Simple Throw Pillow {tutorial}

Ok so I know I had said that I had no idea when I'd get a new post up since I was in the process of a move. Well I guess today is your lucky day ;) This little project just happened to be one that I needed to get done for our new place and in the process I thought "hey that's a new blog post!" So please enjoy a very simple post on adding a pop of color with very little expense or commitment!  This bad boy cost me a whopping $12 and I even had leftover fabric! 

No {Apologies} Apology

Usually when I'm slacking on my blogging I carry a sense of guilt and I feel like all I want to do, if I can't blog, is apologize for not blogging! This time, however, I can't say that I'm feeling all that know why? I just moved from one state to another! Needless to say my life is PURE CRAZINESS right now. Between packing, unpacking, selling, renting, and just plain trying to feel settled I have had ZERO time or engery to get a project underway. So this is my no apologies apology...maybe I'll start to feel guilty soon. Until then hang tight ;)