Breakfast Party!

As the months flew by and the day quickly approached I found myself quite apprehensive about turning the big 3-0. Lucky for me I was distracted by all my party planning, friends, and family that it made the leap into the next decade rather smooth.
In the past I haven't made much of a fuss when it came to my birthdays but this one...this one was 30! How could I not embrace it to the best of my ability and throw a really great party???
When I was deciding on what to do for my party I was in the middle of my cleanse which put my mind on all the things I love to eat but couldn't. I wanted so badly to have pancakes and coffee! This became my inspiration for my birthday party.

Guests had the option of having a custom latte, regular coffee, or tea. I ,of course, chose a vanilla latte!

The first person to finish the crossword puzzle got a prize!
(It was a Starbucks gift card, did you really expect anything different ;)

Tea for those people who don't drink know those crazy people ;)

Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans

Booze & Chocolate...yum!

Opening gifts is always so fun at ANY age!

I loved everything about this party from the little details to the great friendships that truly make a party so fun. Thanks all for such sweet memories!

If any of you readers have any questions about the party please ask!


  1. i love, love this theme. and i love, love coffee. i was so excited that one of my favorite coffee shop hosts private parties w/ a barista.

    coffee & friends are always a GREAT idea. happy birthday. :)

  2. This is tooooooooo awesome! I think I'm going to leave your page open in hopes that my hubby sees it ;) I'd love to ring in my 30th this way! Happy Monday to you :)

  3. What a great idea for a party! Pancakes, coffee... You just can't go wrong with that :) And, all the decorations were perfect. Wish i could have been there!

  4. What a fun party! I love the decorative tags, theme, photos, everything. Happy Birthday again!! :)


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