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Heidi & Finn Pattern Review

Along with a million other things, I found this adorable pattern on Pinterest and I thought how could I possibly pass it up?!? It's a PDF pattern by Heidi & Finn for only $6!  The following is my review on how it went. Heidi & Finn

Handmade Stocking {tutorial}

When I was in Sweden this past summer I found this adorable Tomten fabric. I knew when I saw it that I would eventually make a stocking out of it for my daughter and here it is. She's too young to appreciate it but I know someday she'll love it too. How could you not?!? 

{DIY} Snow Globe

I miss the snow that we used to get at this time of year. I miss it so much that I had to find ways to fake it. I like to think that this little vignette came right from my old home in know like I some how took a tree with some snow and shrunk it down into miniature made sense to me!