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Heidi & Finn Pattern Review

Along with a million other things, I found this adorable pattern on Pinterest and I thought how could I possibly pass it up?!? It's a PDF pattern by Heidi & Finn for only $6!  The following is my review on how it went. Heidi & Finn

Handmade Stocking {tutorial}

When I was in Sweden this past summer I found this adorable Tomten fabric. I knew when I saw it that I would eventually make a stocking out of it for my daughter and here it is. She's too young to appreciate it but I know someday she'll love it too. How could you not?!? 

{DIY} Snow Globe

I miss the snow that we used to get at this time of year. I miss it so much that I had to find ways to fake it. I like to think that this little vignette came right from my old home in know like I some how took a tree with some snow and shrunk it down into miniature made sense to me! 

Holiday Wreath {tutorial}

A few weeks ago I hosted two wreath making parties two weekends in a row and then a one-on-one with another friend a few days later...lets just say I feel like an expert on the wreath making business!  The first one I made only had burlap and cream flowers. This one I wanted to have a Christmas feel so I added the red and green. I gave it to my mother for Christmas...yes a whole month early. It wouldn't make sense for her to have to wait until next year to hang it up, now would it?

Family Photo Shoot

A few weekends ago my family was blessed with the privilege of getting our photos taken by my very talented friend Lexi of Jonas & Treat Photography.  Here are just a few of my favorites...

DIY Hanging Chalkboard

The journey to transforming my house into a Christmas wonderland continues!  I'm loving all the chalkboards and Christmas printables I'm seeing on Pinterest these days, so much that I had to combine the two ideas into one! And this craft is soooo easy.

Quick & Easy Holiday Crafting

I love this time of year! I love the cool of the air, bundling up with blankets & hot cocoa, watching holiday movies, & special moments with family.  As a child my mother always did a wonderful job of transforming our home for the seasons and now that I don't live with my parents anymore (and haven't for sometime...let me just clarify) I find myself longing for those feelings of old. And though my daughter is no where near able to appreciate my efforts this holiday season I refuse to let that stop me from creating the "perfect" holiday home. Here are just a few of the ways I'm making my holiday home...

Easy Mac & Cheese...I mean EASY!

I grew up with a mother who always put a good meal on the table. Little did I know at the time they weren't always complicated and time consuming. I figured if it tasted good it probably took some great effort. Please don't mistake this as a knock on my mother! I'm actually saying that she's a genius coming up with delicious, quick meals that fed the whole family. Here's one of our family staples adapted from a Betty Crocker recipe.

Halloween Pumpkin Bucket {ReDo}

I am a chronic procrastinator. There that's out of the way.  Today I was in the checkout line of my favorite store, you may have heard of it...Target? As I awaited my turn I spotted, conveniently placed right in front of my face, these cheap yet classic plastic pumpkin buckets for sale for one whole dollar. As the moments passed by and the person in front of me continued with their checkout I brainstormed what I could do with it.  Here's what I came up with...

Skunk Costume Pattern Review

Call me crazy but there's just something about a homemade Halloween costume that makes the holiday special. I grew up on homemade costumes so I have an affinity for them and refuse to settle for anything less. So when I was perusing the aisles of JoAnn's and spotted these little cuties I thought why not make my daughter, the little stinker that she is, a little skunk! McCall's Costumes

Felt Applique Onise {tutorial}

I saw the cutest little fox hoodie on Etsy where the fox is coming out of the front pockets (view it here). I thought it was so cute I couldn't resist trying it out for myself but I didn't have a hoodie on hand so I thought I'd try it out on an 18 month old onsie. A word to the wise, this would be much harder to do on a size smaller than 12 months.

Little Tunic {tutorial}

I'm just gonna come right out with it, this was supposed to turn out as a dress. There I admitted it! I screwed up! But I have to say that at least my screw up turned out to be a cute one ;) And now I know what I have to do to make a dress for next time...and knowing is _________ (oh come on don't tell me you didn't watch GI Joe)! But seriously I actually think I like the tunic better being as my daughter spends much of her day scooting around on her behind.

Rustic & Modern Dinning Table

If I could some up my dream decor I think it would be a rustic, farmhouse, with a touch of modern flare. My house, however, does not embody much of these characteristics. Partly because we don't want to invest the money into it right now and largely because we're renting and have no ability to change any fixed feature...ugh.  For those of you who don't know, my family recently made a large move from one state to another. In our move we left our sweet little home, which we had just finished remodeling, behind and found ourselves a bigger but generic one. We're talking white walls, beige carpet, and dare I say...oak cabinets!  (no offense people if you like these things I, however, don't) So in an effort to make my home feel more like I'd like it to we make small changes here and there to bring it around. This is the segue into the introduction of my new dinning room table... a few months ago I was on Pinterest, shocker! Whilst wasting much of my time there I ca…

Boston, MA & Woodstock, VT

Over the weekend my "little" cousin (6'1" and 6 months younger) got married! Though he lives in California they decided to get married in a small town in New Hampshire.  But there really isn't a good airport to fly into closer than Boston Logan so...we decided to spend a little time in a couple of different places! And though they got married in New Hampshire we didn't stay there, instead we stayed in the most perfect, quaint, gorgeous town called Woodstock. Below are just a few of the pictures we took over the course of 4 days, starting with Boston.

Just Something Funny

Anyone else need this one...

Embroidered Ruffle Pant {tutorial} & IKEA Hack!

This might very well be the cutest think I've made, to date! These little pants are made from IKEA dish towels that cost $5.99! They have a linen feel and delicate embroidery features that I've incorporated into the pant legs. Since I've already made pants that are similar I'm going to use some photos from that tutorial to complete this one so don't get confused when you see some yellow fabric pop up! Also if you scroll all the way to the bottom you can see them in a boy version! Additional tutorial to follow!

Ruffle Pants {tutorial}

Fabric Bin {tutorial}

My kids got toys coming out the EARS! We started out with a few little baskets and then the pile of toys just kept growing...and growing...and growing. SO...I got sewing! Hey that rhymes!

The Big ONE!

I had been planning my daughter's 1st birthday since she was about 7 months old. My sister brought it to my attention that my daughter would be celebrating her golden birthday this year since she was born on the first of the month. I was very excited about this because it meant I had a theme and it wasn't one that was cheesy or over done! So I got crafting...unfortunately for you we got caught up in the day and failed to take any good photos of the decor :( So you're just going to have to use your remember how to do that right?
Here's what you can't see... I made gold pom poms out of fabric and tulle and hung them above the cake table. I made a string of gold fabric garland using scraps of fabric knotted onto a gold string and pinned it above the table as well. I lined the table with a gold table cloth that gathered around the front. I made my daughters hat(with some help from a girlfriend), skirt, and bow (they are pictured below). My husband &a…

Catch Ya Later!

I'm on vacation...catch you when I get back! Can you guess where?

Breakfast Party!

As the months flew by and the day quickly approached I found myself quite apprehensive about turning the big 3-0. Lucky for me I was distracted by all my party planning, friends, and family that it made the leap into the next decade rather smooth. In the past I haven't made much of a fuss when it came to my birthdays but this one...this one was 30! How could I not embrace it to the best of my ability and throw a really great party??? When I was deciding on what to do for my party I was in the middle of my cleanse which put my mind on all the things I love to eat but couldn't. I wanted so badly to have pancakes and coffee! This became my inspiration for my birthday party.

Simple Throw Pillow {tutorial}

Ok so I know I had said that I had no idea when I'd get a new post up since I was in the process of a move. Well I guess today is your lucky day ;) This little project just happened to be one that I needed to get done for our new place and in the process I thought "hey that's a new blog post!" So please enjoy a very simple post on adding a pop of color with very little expense or commitment!  This bad boy cost me a whopping $12 and I even had leftover fabric! 

No {Apologies} Apology

Usually when I'm slacking on my blogging I carry a sense of guilt and I feel like all I want to do, if I can't blog, is apologize for not blogging! This time, however, I can't say that I'm feeling all that know why? I just moved from one state to another! Needless to say my life is PURE CRAZINESS right now. Between packing, unpacking, selling, renting, and just plain trying to feel settled I have had ZERO time or engery to get a project underway. So this is my no apologies apology...maybe I'll start to feel guilty soon. Until then hang tight ;)

High-Waisted Mini Skirt {Tutorial}

This might possibly be the easiest skirt you'll ever make! And it comes fully equipped with pockets! One minute you have a few yards of fabric and the next (well maybe a few hours later) you have an adorable skirt! I think I'll be make lots more of these guys :)

M.I.K...Missing In Kitchen

Feeling abandoned?  I'm sorry! I haven't forgotten about you! In fact I think about you everyday. I usually aim to create a new project and post it at least once a week but lately I've been M.I.K. Missing In Kitchen ;) Exactly 11 days ago my husband and I started day 1 of our 30 diet/cleanse and let me tell you it's a lot of work to eat good...particularly one this strict. This fabulous cleanse leaves no room for gluten, dairy, soy, any fruit but berries, sugar, coffee, I feel like I've missed something. For the past 11 days we've been living off of beans, brown rice, quinoa, lots of veggies, nuts, occasional meat (I'm actually a vegetarian!), salad with olive oil and lemon juice. What I didn't know when taking on this diet was that it's like having a full-time job! Because almost everything we eat is fresh fruit and veggies I'm at the grocery store about every 3 days. Then I'm in the kitchen making lunches and dinners for both my husband a…

6 Easy Serger Projects

Bet you can't tell how excited I am about my new serger!  Here are 6 pretty simple/easy projects you can do with a serger.
Click the link below to go directly to their tutorials. 1. Bubble Skirt 2. Sash Summer Shorts 3. 2 Legging Styles 4. Fabric Rosette Bracelet  5. Fabric Napkins 6. Knit Skirt
I love them all so much that I don't know where to begin!  I guess I could start by getting the material ;)
Happy Crafting!

Blog Share: Anne's Odds & Ends

I know I've been on  a sewing kick over the past few months,  particularly now that I have my very own serger! And believe me there is definitely  more to come in that department. But today I wanted to share this awesome blog that's filled great recipes for both you and baby. I was excited particularly by this one on how to make your own teething biscuits! I've personally been making my daughter's pureed baby food since she started taking solids but for whatever reason it hadn't occurred to me that I could go beyond the puree and actually make her teething biscuits! Check out Anne's Odd & Ends for this homemade recipe and more!
And her daughter is just too cute!
Other recipes you'll find on her blog:
Kymm's Lemon Bars, Quinoa "Mac" and Cheese, & Wheat Berry & Bean Salad
Ok I probably shouldn't be blogging this while I'm starving!
Happy Eating!

Happy Mother's Day To Me!

Ever wonder if all your hinting about all the things that you wish your husband would get you goes in one ear and out the next? Usually I do too...not today though!  I may have laid this one on pretty thick, regardless, he heard me loud and clear!

One Yard Summer Shorts {tutorial}

I felt like a challenge today and I only had one yard of fabric to do it in so I took a stab at shorts! To my joy & surprise they turned out! Here's how I did it:

High-Waisted Maxi Skirt {tutorial}

So sorry it's taken me a few weeks to get a new project up! I was actually on vacation and now I'm back and sewing again! And once again I made a skirt :) What can I say it's just in the air! This skirt is super comfy but it comes with a's NOT for beginners. In fact, unless you have the patience of a Saint, I would only attempt it if you have access to a serger. I was lucky and borrowed a friend's. If you're brave you can accomplish this on a regular sewing machine...but don't say I didn't warn you!

High-Waisted Sash Skirt {Tutorial}

Ok so I'm officially on a skirt kick as this is my third one in 2 weeks. With spring in the air I just can't help but want to live in spring things! This diy skirt is similar to the other one I did but this one has a sash and is fuller...which I think is way fun! To purchase this exact fabric go to my etsy shop! If you're not up for making it you're in luck! I now sell it on my etsy shop too! You should also check it out on my friend over at Stylish Petite!

High-Waisted Skirt {tutorial}

After making my daughter's skirt I got to thinking, "Why don't I make one for myself?!?" So that's what I did...and just in time for Easter!

Fat Quarter Baby Girl Sash Skirt {Tutorial}

Spring is in the air and Easter is just around the corner! This is my favorite time of year and to celebrate it I made this sweet little spring sash skirt for my little girl.

Get Cookin' Apron {tutorial}

Why it's taken me this long to make myself an apron is beyond me! I am a fairly messy cook so it only seems appropriate to have something to wipe my hands on every now and then. If you're anything like me you too could use this practical yet fashionable piece.