Happy Mother's Day To Me!

Ever wonder if all your hinting about all the things that you wish your husband would get you goes in one ear and out the next? Usually I do too...not today though! 
I may have laid this one on pretty thick, regardless, he heard me loud and clear!

Please don't mistake this for your everyday sewing machine cause it's NOT.
This my friends is a serger or overlock machine. Why is this machine so great you're wondering?
Well just click this link to find out! 
We're talkin' perfect, no-fray edges!
Oh boy I can't wait to get started...what to make???
Any ideas?

To get you inspired I'm including some adorable projects that have all been completed with one of these fabulous machines.
These adorable napkins are from Adler & Co.

This sweet skirt is from Emmy Lou Bee Doo

This long sleeve shirt re-do is from Simply Step Back

This adorable flower is at Melly Sews

Need I say more?

Happy Crafting!


  1. Swooning over the serger! Definitely on my list of "wants"!

    Jill @ Create.Craft.Love.


  2. YAY serger! My husband bought me mine for Mother's Day, too! Enjoy, and send me pics if you make the skirt!! :D

    1. I will definitely send pics your way! Before a serger I'd never attempt to work with cotton stretch but now the sky's the limit!!!

  3. That's the same serger I have now! Enjoy yours.

  4. Thanks for the feature! Enjoy your serger!

  5. Do you have a post that explains the difference between a serger and a sewing machine? I have never used a serger before. Are they difficult to use?

    1. Hi "Mrs. Howard" :) I don't currently have a post that explains all the differences between the two machines but I can tell you in a nutshell why I wanted both. The serger has a blade on it that cuts the fabric as it's fed through the foot and getting stitched. The stitch then "overlocks" the edge of the fabric creating a perfectly straight edge that will not fray. The serger is great for creating a "finished" garment. You can create the same things with a sewing machine it's just not as easy or quick. Also if you ever want to work with stretch fabrics a serger will save time and frustration. The cotton stretch curls up on the ends and is super annoying but the serger makes it a breeze! Hope this helps a bit and I'll get to work on that post :)


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