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High-Waisted Mini Skirt {Tutorial}

This might possibly be the easiest skirt you'll ever make! And it comes fully equipped with pockets! One minute you have a few yards of fabric and the next (well maybe a few hours later) you have an adorable skirt! I think I'll be make lots more of these guys :)

M.I.K...Missing In Kitchen

Feeling abandoned?  I'm sorry! I haven't forgotten about you! In fact I think about you everyday. I usually aim to create a new project and post it at least once a week but lately I've been M.I.K. Missing In Kitchen ;) Exactly 11 days ago my husband and I started day 1 of our 30 diet/cleanse and let me tell you it's a lot of work to eat good...particularly one this strict. This fabulous cleanse leaves no room for gluten, dairy, soy, any fruit but berries, sugar, coffee, I feel like I've missed something. For the past 11 days we've been living off of beans, brown rice, quinoa, lots of veggies, nuts, occasional meat (I'm actually a vegetarian!), salad with olive oil and lemon juice. What I didn't know when taking on this diet was that it's like having a full-time job! Because almost everything we eat is fresh fruit and veggies I'm at the grocery store about every 3 days. Then I'm in the kitchen making lunches and dinners for both my husband a…