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Holiday Wreath {tutorial}

A few weeks ago I hosted two wreath making parties two weekends in a row and then a one-on-one with another friend a few days later...lets just say I feel like an expert on the wreath making business!  The first one I made only had burlap and cream flowers. This one I wanted to have a Christmas feel so I added the red and green. I gave it to my mother for Christmas...yes a whole month early. It wouldn't make sense for her to have to wait until next year to hang it up, now would it?

Family Photo Shoot

A few weekends ago my family was blessed with the privilege of getting our photos taken by my very talented friend Lexi of Jonas & Treat Photography.  Here are just a few of my favorites...

DIY Hanging Chalkboard

The journey to transforming my house into a Christmas wonderland continues!  I'm loving all the chalkboards and Christmas printables I'm seeing on Pinterest these days, so much that I had to combine the two ideas into one! And this craft is soooo easy.

Quick & Easy Holiday Crafting

I love this time of year! I love the cool of the air, bundling up with blankets & hot cocoa, watching holiday movies, & special moments with family.  As a child my mother always did a wonderful job of transforming our home for the seasons and now that I don't live with my parents anymore (and haven't for sometime...let me just clarify) I find myself longing for those feelings of old. And though my daughter is no where near able to appreciate my efforts this holiday season I refuse to let that stop me from creating the "perfect" holiday home. Here are just a few of the ways I'm making my holiday home...

Easy Mac & Cheese...I mean EASY!

I grew up with a mother who always put a good meal on the table. Little did I know at the time they weren't always complicated and time consuming. I figured if it tasted good it probably took some great effort. Please don't mistake this as a knock on my mother! I'm actually saying that she's a genius coming up with delicious, quick meals that fed the whole family. Here's one of our family staples adapted from a Betty Crocker recipe.