Holiday Wreath {tutorial}

A few weeks ago I hosted two wreath making parties two weekends in a row and then a one-on-one with another friend a few days later...lets just say I feel like an expert on the wreath making business! 
The first one I made only had burlap and cream flowers. This one I wanted to have a Christmas feel so I added the red and green. I gave it to my mother for Christmas...yes a whole month early.
It wouldn't make sense for her to have to wait until next year to hang it up, now would it?

Here's what you'll need:
Wooden woven wreath ($5 Jo Ann's)
Felt for flowers
Burlap for flowers
Jute rope
Hot glue gun & glue sticks
Fabric scissors

Cut strips of felt 1 1/2"w x 12"long. Make some longer to get different size flowers.

Glue ends short sides together.

Taking the tip of your scissors cut fabric half way down the folded side all the way down the strip.
Coil the the strip tightly gluing all the way through.

To add some leaves free hand cut some leaves with the scissors.

Put a dab of glue on the leaf and pinch it together.

Glue the leaf to the backside of the coiled flower.

To make a jute spiral cut a circle out of the felt to the desired size. Glue down one end of the jute.

Coil the jute. As you do this place some glue down first. Glue and coil until you make it to the edges of the circle.

Cut off excess jute and glue end under the circle.

To make the burlap flower cut a circle out of the felt to desired size. Cut a long strip out of the burlap about 1"w x 3' long. Follow the same instructions for the jute spiral but with the burlap you will twist the strip as you glue it down. Glue & twist. Glue & twist.

To make the loops cut two long strips out of two different colored felts approximately 1/2"w x 12"long. Place one color strip on top of the other gluing them together at the ends. Fold the strips in half to create the first loop then loop up both sides. Glue loops together to hold its shape.

Take your jute to wrap one side of the wreath.

Place some glue onto one of the sticks and place the jute onto the glue. Once that bit is dry then begin wrapping the jute to desired fullness. Cut the jute and glue the end to the wreath.

Arrange the flowers before gluing! Get an idea of where you want them. Take a photo so you can remember how you had them.

Add a burlap bow to the top with some hot glue and a few little embellishments like pearls or beads and there you have it!

This was really fun to do with friends, I highly recommend it!
Happy Crafting!


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