DIY Hanging Chalkboard

The journey to transforming my house into a Christmas wonderland continues! 
I'm loving all the chalkboards and Christmas printables I'm seeing on Pinterest these days, so much that I had to combine the two ideas into one! And this craft is soooo easy.

Did you know that those big box hardware stores actually sell pre-chalkboard boards??? I just discovered this over the weekend and I'm super excited about it. 
All I (aka my husband) had to do was cut the board to size and drill two holes into the top. I strung a jute rope through the holes and tied a knot at the ends.
The next part is the hardest...try to write as pretty as you possibly can with real chalk!

Once I got it hung on the wall I realized it needed a little something else. That's when I decided to through together a little burlap garland. I made bows out of felt and hot glued them on. I tied knots throughout the string and then add the little flannel flags with the sewing machine. Easy-peesy! 

The best part of it all is that when Christmas is over I can use the chalkboard to write whatever else I want! The possibilities are endless.
And in case you don't hear from me before then...Happy Thanksgiving!
I'm thankful for you :)


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