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Ribbon Embellished Pillow {tutorial}

As you may know I'm still working little by little on freshening up my little girl's bedroom with some new fabrics and colors...yellows, grays, and corals to be exact. So I am always keeping my eyes peeled for anything with these colors and I just so happened to spot this great fabric in the sheets section at Target! I loved it so much that I bought a pillow case set and cut it up to make my own little pillow to add to the room. I really didn't want to make a boring old 3 seam pillow so I got a little creative and added what I call a "ribbon", although I must have forgotten that when I put the text on the picture below...

Stamped Letters {tutorial}

I'll admit it, when I purchased these cardboard letters I had no intention of decorating them this way. I had every intention of covering them in fabric like many other tutorials I had seen done that way. However, as I began moving things around in my daughters room I put the letters up "temporarily" on her dresser naked of any fabric and I grew fonder and fonder of the cardboard texture and color. I then recalled a pin I can across on Pinterest where someone used crate paper and stamps to decorate it...which I loved! So it was decided that that's what I was going to do instead! I really like how they turned out.

Mini Table Cloth {tutorial}

Prior to our move from Colorado I was in love with my daughter's nursery... I handmade her bedding, added wainscoting and a chair rail to the walls and had these gorgeous hardwood floors running throughout the house! To me it was just perfect...until we moved.  Since we are merely renters now in this temporary home I have no creative freedom when it comes to paint, flooring and certainly no wainscoting :( So when I moved all of my daughter's furniture into her new room it just didn't look right. It didn't look cute anymore, just plain boring. So I decided to spruce it up with some new fabrics and decor as well as add a few more toddler-esk features. Now that my little one is becoming more imaginative in her play I figured it's a good time to bust out the pint-size table and chairs. They've seen better days and need some lovin''s where I've begun.