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Sweet as a Berry Little Girl Dress {tutorial}

With Valentine's day lurking around the corner it's only natural for a blogger like myself to begin thinking of cute ways to incorporate the holiday. When I came across this strawberry fabric I fell in love with it's sweetness and decided that I would make my daughter a Valentine's day inspired dress. You may remember my Valentine's day inspired onesie from last year...Now if only my daughter would get up and walk in it instead of scoot around on her booty getting the beautiful fabric all dirty! Sigh...someday!

Kindle Paper White Case {tutorial}

It's official, I've been shoved into the next generation of readers. It happened Christmas morning when my husband grabbed a somewhat peculiar gift out from under the tree and handed it to me, a look of incertitude on his face. I had just told him days before how much I enjoyed reading from books, particularly the ability to put a book marker in it and see just how much I have left, obviously unattainable with an electrical devise. So I ripped off the wrapping to reveal an Amazon box and I knew from that very box what I was about to find inside. My thoughts swirling around in my I act overjoyed? Disappointed? Bewildered? Somehow I think I managed all of the above. My husband, feeling like a true failure, says "I think you'll be surprised at how much you like it!" Well all I can say is...(and honey you might want to remember this one cause you may never hear it again ;) he.was.right. I love it. This devise that is putting book stores out of business. Th…