Ribbon Embellished Pillow {tutorial}

As you may know I'm still working little by little on freshening up my little girl's bedroom with some new fabrics and colors...yellows, grays, and corals to be exact. So I am always keeping my eyes peeled for anything with these colors and I just so happened to spot this great fabric in the sheets section at Target! I loved it so much that I bought a pillow case set and cut it up to make my own little pillow to add to the room.
I really didn't want to make a boring old 3 seam pillow so I got a little creative and added what I call a "ribbon", although I must have forgotten that when I put the text on the picture below...

So here's what I did...

I started by taking my pillow's measurements which were 13.5"x13.5".

Next I marked out my cut lines onto the still intact pillow case. I marked the lines at 15"x15" then later altered them again to get a snug fit on the pillow.

Next I cut a strip for the ribbon approximately 4" wide and whatever height the pillow case already was. Again the pillow case is still intact so this piece is actually a loop.

I cut open the loop and serged down both sides of the strip.

 Then I folded in the raw edges, ironed and top stitched them closed.

Like so.

Next I serged one side of the pillow case RIGHT sides together. Then I put the pillow inside to see how much extra fabric I had. I then trimmed off an extra 3/4" on one side and serged it leaving the bottom open.

 Next I turned the pillow case right side out and ironed it. I measured across the pillow right to left to get the final measurement then measured that same distance from top to bottom and marked it under the ruler with a piece of tape.

 See tape...

Then I placed the ribbon, centered on the pillow, with the two ends touching as pictured above.

I don't quite know how to describe the picture above but do that ;)
Then stitch a row down both sides where you see the pins.

 Then push the loop that was sticking up down.

Top stitch down the middle.

Next tuck in the raw edges and iron them in place making sure you still have the correct top to bottom measurement.

Top stitch the bottom closed.
Now sit back and marvel at your new creation ;)

As always...Happy Crafting!


  1. Amy,this is so cute! I always look forward to seeing what craft you're making next.

    Now if only you had design advice for a little boy's room! Something tells me he might not like a pink pillow :)

    1. Ha ha I would guess he wouldn't! My blog is totally bias toward women and girls...it's a problem! ;)


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