Mini Table Cloth {tutorial}

Prior to our move from Colorado I was in love with my daughter's nursery...
I handmade her bedding, added wainscoting and a chair rail to the walls and had these gorgeous hardwood floors running throughout the house! To me it was just perfect...until we moved. 
Since we are merely renters now in this temporary home I have no creative freedom when it comes to paint, flooring and certainly no wainscoting :( So when I moved all of my daughter's furniture into her new room it just didn't look right. It didn't look cute anymore, just plain boring. So I decided to spruce it up with some new fabrics and decor as well as add a few more toddler-esk features. Now that my little one is becoming more imaginative in her play I figured it's a good time to bust out the pint-size table and chairs.
They've seen better days and need some lovin''s where I've begun.

You'll need to measure your table so you know how much fabric you'll need. Then lay the table down onto the fabric and cut around it leaving about 2" extra around all sides.

Next you'll need to determine how long you want the fabric to drape. My little one would hate it if the fabric went to the floor...don't ask me why I just know she'd freak out and yank it off the table. So I made mine shorter. To get the fullness of the ruffle I used 4 full widths of the fabric to create the skirt. I sewed all four strips together to get one long strip. Then I serged the bottom, ironed it up once and stitched in place. If you dont' have a serger just fold up the bottom twice then stitch in place.

To gather the fabric set your sewing machine to the loosest stitch possible and make sure it's not set to back stitch at the ends. Stitch two lines parallel to each other all the way down the top of the skirt. Leave some string on the ends so you can pull on them. Grab one of the strings and begin sliding the fabric away from your fingers holding the string, this will begin gathering the fabric. Once it's gathered you can sew the two raw edges together making the skirt into the hoop shape.

 Make sure your gathering is even throughout and lay it down RIGHT sides together on the table top piece.
Pin in place.

Stitch the skirt to the top piece making sure that the bottom fabric isn't getting bunched underneath ( I learned that the hard way). Once you've gone all the way around you're done! Super easy! 

Now I've got some painting to do. Stay tuned for the whole room reveal!

Happy Crafting


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