Easy Mac & Cheese...I mean EASY!

 I grew up with a mother who always put a good meal on the table. Little did I know at the time they weren't always complicated and time consuming. I figured if it tasted good it probably took some great effort. Please don't mistake this as a knock on my mother! I'm actually saying that she's a genius coming up with delicious, quick meals that fed the whole family.
Here's one of our family staples adapted from a Betty Crocker recipe.

What you'll need:
3 TBS butter
2 TBS flour
1 tsp salt
A dash of pepper
2 cups of milk
2 cups of elbow macaroni 
2 cups of shreaded sharp cheddar cheese
Sour dough or focaccia bread cut into cubes

Preheat oven 350 degrees.
Boil macaroni according to package instructions.
In another sauce pan melt butter. Add flour, stir. Add salt & pepper, mix. Let bubble. Add milk, let milk get nice and warm. Add shredded cheese, let it melt.

Drain macaroni and put into a baking dish (9x13). Pour cheese mixture over macaroni and mix. Add bread cubes to the top of the macaroni and place in the oven to bake for 25 minutes (approximately). 
Pull it out of the oven and enjoy!
My husband likes to put ketchup on it...yuck!
To each their own.

Happy Cooking!


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