Ruffle Pants {tutorial}


Every time I put my little girl into this little pj set (see below) I think "I could make those pants." So I did. And let me tell you this might be the EASIEST project yet! If you don't know this about me I confess I lack the skill of patience...always have...probably always will. So I love projects like this one that are done in under an hour. I liked this one so much that I'm brainstorming other ways to make them even cuter!

This tutorial is made for a 12 month old but I don't think it would be that difficult to make the pattern smaller or bigger for the age you need.

Here's what you'll need:
1/2 yard of fabric (for size 12 months)
Pants pattern (see below)
18" elastic (for size 12 months)
Poster board for making the pattern
Disappearing fabric marker
Sewing machine
Serger (if you have one)
Fabric scissors
Fray Check if using a serger

I wanted to upload the pattern and make it printable for you but it doesn't all fit nicely onto one page so it would be a lot of piecing together. I hope that you understand what I've done here and can replicate it easily. If you're having a difficult time reading my (now obviously) tiny print I'd download this image and zoom in on it. Sorry, I wish I had better to offer!

Lay the pattern down on your fabric, trace, and cut it out. Do NOT cut along the dotted line, this is just to show you the fold between the front of the pants and the back.

Flip over the pattern, trace onto fabric and cut out. 

You should have 2 pieces that look like this.

Match the pieces together RIGHT sides together. Serge or stitch 1/4" ONLY along the pant seat NOT down the legs. You should be able to flap the edges up like I've done above.

Here's what a serged edge looks like.

Next you'll want to match the seat seams together lining up the legs.

I flipped it upside down here and pinned along the leg seams and crotch seam. Stitch a 1/4" seam or serge from the bottom of one leg to the bottom of the other leg.

Here's what they should look like once you've done that.

Next you'll be creating the waist. Fold over the top of the pants WRONG sides together. I've serged the top edge of my pant to prevent fraying. Fold the top over enough to give you room to insert the elastic band. Stitch the flap down leaving a 2" opening somewhere so you can insert the elastic.

Cut the elastic to your child's waist size adding an extra 1/2". Place a safety pin on one end of the elastic band and slide it into the 2" opening. Shimmy it through until it can come out the other side. 

Over lap the elastic onto itself and stitch together. Make sure you're back stitching so that stitch won't come loose. Push all the elastic into the hole and stitch the 2" opening closed.

To make the ruffles I cut 2- 20"long by 3" high strips.

I serged the bottom edge and then folded the edge up 1/4" and stitched in place.

Next I folded the strip short sides together and serged it closed.

To gather the ruffle I stitched a loose stitch around the top, DO NOT back stitch.

Then I pulled the excess string to gather the fabric.
Next I placed the ruffle around the pant leg matching the raw edge of the pant to the raw edge of the ruffle RIGHT sides together and serged them together (see pant leg below). Repeat for second leg.

Lastly I used Fray Check on the serged edges that could come unraveled.

Now I can't wait to get working on some other cute designs...I'm seeing pockets!

My kid was having such a bad day that I thought I'd never get a single picture of her in them! 
Lucky for me she can be bribed with treats!

If you have any questions just go ahead and let me know :)


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