Felt Applique Onise {tutorial}

I saw the cutest little fox hoodie on Etsy where the fox is coming out of the front pockets (view it here).
I thought it was so cute I couldn't resist trying it out for myself but I didn't have a hoodie on hand so I thought I'd try it out on an 18 month old onsie.
A word to the wise, this would be much harder to do on a size smaller than 12 months.

 Since I didn't come up with this little fox myself I didn't feel like it was fair to give away the pattern but I will show you how I constructed the onsie.

Here's what you'll need:
A Onsie in the size you need
A few pieces of felt in the colors you want to use 
Poster board
Sewing machine

 This first thing I did was draw the fox onto some poster board and cut it out checking the placement and scale on the onsie.

 Next I cut the fox apart.

 I used the parts to trace onto the felt.

 Then put them together here to see what it will look like.

 I first sewed on the eyes and nose. The eyes really don't require much.

 Then I laid the fox out to get an idea of where I wanted it to sit.

 I pinned the body in place and stitched around the edges.

 Then I pinned and stitched the face.

Then I pinned and stitched the ears.
Do the same for the tail and you're done!

Happy Crafting!


  1. This might be the stupidest question ever but did you hand stitch or use your machine? It looks like you used a machine and if you did then how the heck did you get it under there? This is so adorable and my SIL just found out she is having a girl, this little onsie is a must make :)

    1. Hey! I machine stitched it. I realize now that I failed to show a picture of me doing that part. It would be very tricky to pull this off with a onsie smaller than 12months because there's not a lot of room to get it under the sewing foot without getting other parts of the onsie stuck in there too. If you want to do this on a smaller size than I recommend you cut the sides open on the onsie add the applique and then sew the sides back together. That will be much easier! Good luck!

  2. This is adorable! I'm always so impressed with all the fun things you come up with and try!

  3. Love! What type of felt do you use?

    1. Hi Scarlett, The felt was nothing special, just some I purchased at JoAnn's. I'm not sure how it holds up over time...


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