Embroidered Ruffle Pant {tutorial} & IKEA Hack!

This might very well be the cutest think I've made, to date!
These little pants are made from IKEA dish towels that cost $5.99! They have a linen feel and delicate embroidery features that I've incorporated into the pant legs.
Since I've already made pants that are similar I'm going to use some photos from that tutorial to complete this one so don't get confused when you see some yellow fabric pop up!
Also if you scroll all the way to the bottom you can see them in a boy version! Additional tutorial to follow!

Here's what you'll need:
IKEA dish towels (one set, they will work for size 12 months or smaller)
Pants pattern (see below)
6 1/2" elastic (for size 12 months)
Small amount of lace for pockets (approimately 12")
Poster board for making the pattern
Disappearing fabric marker
Sewing machine
Serger (if you have one)
Fabric scissors
Fray Check if using a serger

Here's your pattern.
I wanted to upload the pattern and make it printable for you but it doesn't all fit nicely onto one page so it would be a lot of piecing together. I hope that you understand what I've done here and can replicate it easily. If you're having a difficult time reading my (now obviously) tiny print I'd download this image and zoom in on it. Sorry, I wish I had better to offer!

Here are the lovely towels.

 Lay the pattern down on your fabric, trace, and cut it out. Do NOT cut along the dotted line, this is just to show you the fold between the front of the pants and the back.

 Flip over the pattern, trace onto fabric and cut out. 

 Ignore the text on the pattern that says "don't cut here" and do cut here.

Repeat for second piece.

Take your 2 front pieces and pin lace in place and stitch on.

Place both front pieces and both back pieces together and stitch or serge along the seat seam ONLY, not down the legs.

You should have this.

Next fold down the top of the back piece iron and stitch down leaving enough space to slide your elastic through. I also serged the top of the fabric to prevent fraying. Insert elastic until the far right side of the elastic meets the far right side of the pant. Stitch in place along raw edges.

Pull the elastic through until the left side of the elastic meets the left side of the pant and stitch in place.

Fold down the top of the front side of the pant and stitch in place. Again I serged the top to prevent fraying.

Place front and back pieces together RIGHT sides together and stitch or serge the two outer edges. 
Set aside.

Using the leftovers cut out two strips of fabric 3" high by 18 1/2" wide.

Like these! 

Fold up the bottom edge, iron, and stitch in place. Again I serged the edge first to prevent fraying.
To gather the ruffle I stitched a loose stitch around the top, DO NOT back stitch.
Then I pulled the excess string to gather the fabric.

Line up the ruffle with the pant leg RIGHT sides together, pin and stitch or serge.

Repeat for other leg.

Next line the legs up RIGHT sides together, pin, and stitch or serge from the bottom of one pant leg all the way to the other end of the other pant leg.

Fray Check any of your loose serged stitches.

Turn right side out and there you have it!

Here's view of the back.

I hope you love them just as much as I do!
Let me know if you have question...please!


  1. These are just tooooooooo adorable! Goodness I need a girl in my life ;) Pinning this post for that day :)

  2. What a great way to use dishtowels! Mine don't even get used for the dishes I don't do! You should share over on the IkeaHacks website. They are adorable - I wish my kids were still small enough for this. Nice work!

    Jess @ tupelo creative

    1. Thanks Jessica! I sent it over to IKEA Hacker and am waiting to see if it's approved :)

  3. Did you cut along the "do not cut" line just so the pocket ribbons were tucked into a seam? Just want to make sure I'm not overcomplicating anything in my head! This is an amazingly cute tutorial!

    1. Excellent question! In this tutorial you do cut along that line. I used the same pattern for another pair of pants where you don't cut. Sorry for the confusion!


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