Boston, MA & Woodstock, VT

Over the weekend my "little" cousin (6'1" and 6 months younger) got married!
Though he lives in California they decided to get married in a small town in New Hampshire. 
But there really isn't a good airport to fly into closer than Boston Logan so...we decided to spend a little time in a couple of different places! And though they got married in New Hampshire we didn't stay there, instead we stayed in the most perfect, quaint, gorgeous town called Woodstock.
Below are just a few of the pictures we took over the course of 4 days, starting with Boston.

We had a last minute stroller situation and my sister had to borrow one from a friend.
Her friend has a sister has a boy... hence the pink stroller and a little boy.


I don't know who this guy is but he must be important!

We strolled through the park.

The babies loved it...

...and loved it.

Don't you just want to live here?!?

I wonder what's going to give first?

I actually saw someone use this door, so cool!

This is my husband...this is my husband working...this is my husband working on our vacation.

I want to live on "joy" street. I think it would just make me feel happy all the time :)

I thought this only existed in movies.

Sweet flower box.

Rusted copper.


Even their Starbucks is cool!

I don't know about you but nobody seemed to know my name.

 Woodstock, VT
Oops! That's one chilly foot!

Papa's kisses are the best.


I think that was someone's house!

Great coffee...not great service.

Old church.

Old bridge.

Wondering why I never sat in that hammock...must go back!

Lovely, lovely town. Contemplating moving there!
I'm putting this on my highly recommended places to visit list.
On the list:
Woodstock, VT
(What did you think there'd be more? I just started it!)


  1. Every. Single. Picture was GORGEOUS! I so wish I could zip up there this Fall. What a lovely little trip!

    1. You absolutely should! I can't wait to get back there someday, it's like my heart belonged there!

  2. Gorgeous photos. I can imagine you guys had a blast! Just looking through the photos made me happy!

    How was it travelling with a 1 year old??
    My daughter's almost that age and I've been wanting to do some travelling close by!

    1. The trip was so nice! Traveling with a one year old...not so nice! She's at the age where she doesn't want to stay still for long. She slept for about 2 1/2 of the 6 hour flight which means she was awake and angry the other 3 1/2 hours :( The trip was worth it just brace yourself for a rough flight! Good luck!


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