The Big ONE!

I had been planning my daughter's 1st birthday since she was about 7 months old. My sister brought it to my attention that my daughter would be celebrating her golden birthday this year since she was born on the first of the month. I was very excited about this because it meant I had a theme and it wasn't one that was cheesy or over done! So I got crafting...unfortunately for you we got caught up in the day and failed to take any good photos of the decor :( So you're just going to have to use your remember how to do that right?

Here's what you can't see...
I made gold pom poms out of fabric and tulle and hung them above the cake table.
I made a string of gold fabric garland using scraps of fabric knotted onto a gold string and pinned it above the table as well.
I lined the table with a gold table cloth that gathered around the front.
I made my daughters hat(with some help from a girlfriend), skirt, and bow (they are pictured below).
My husband & I collaborated on the cakes. Our daughters is pictured but the adult one is not. It was our take on a traditional Swedish Princess Torta to honor my husbands heritage.
Most of the rest is pictured. I am soooo very sorry I didn't take better photos. Please enjoy the ones we have and know that we were just having too much fun I guess!  

"E" for my daughter's name & gold candies for the adults. Oh and the tiniest little sliver of the flowers placed in mason jars with a bit of gold lace attached to the front.

"Gold"fish crackers for the kids to say thank you for coming.

the cake!

She ate every little raspberry off the top before digging in to the good stuff!

She wasn't sure if she was allowed to touch it yet.

The chaos of opening presents with lots of little excited ones around! 

Fun new toys!

One of her favs :)

The best shot we got of the whole outfit...unfortunately we couldn't get that straw away from her otherwise these would all be crying pictures.

The hat didn't last long!

I'm sure if you could see her hand you'd find that straw.

...and more fun with straws.

...still playing with that straw.

Her cousin sure seems to love that hat & being poked in the face
(I didn't make this hat, my friend did though).

One last sweet one...with that straw again ;)

Hope you found a little inspiration here! And I promise I'll do better on the photos next time!


  1. She is such a cutie! Love all the gold touches!

  2. Wow Amy! The party looked perfect!
    And, i love the theme you chose. Elsa looks so beautiful!!!

  3. She's so adorable!

    Hope your vacation was a blast, but glad to have you back!


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