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{Reverse Applique} Shamrock Onsie

One of the many benefits of having a child is the renewed ability to celebrate all the childish things we love about the holidays.
For St. Patrick's Day I remember how crucial it was to show up to school with something green on cause if you didn't you got pinched. 
In an effort to spare your little one the playful pinch this St. Paddy's Day it would be a good idea to get out your sewing machine and make this Reverse Applique Shamrock Onsie ;)

Here's what you'll need:

Two different green fabrics (4"x4" squares, 2 of each I got mine at Fabricate)
Plain white onsie
Fabric pen with disappearing ink
Sewing machine
Fabric scissors
Iron & ironing board

Place one of each of the 4x4" fabric pieces right sides together and
stitch an 1/8" seam. Repeat for the other two pieces.
Iron the seam flat. 

These squares were too small so I remade them into the 4x4.
Line up the raw edges, right sides together and stitch an 1/8" seam.

Iron the seams down.


Pull up an image of the shamrock (or whatever it is you want to put on the onsie) on the 
computer screen.

Place your paper over the image and lightly trace it.

Cut out the drawing.

Place the cut out on the onsie and trace it with the disappearing ink pen.

Turn the onsie inside out and cut up both sides.

Line up the patchwork piece and pin in place.

Turn the onsie right side out and top stitch directly on the drawn on line.

Turn the onsie right side out and cut off the excess fabric. Be careful not to cut into the seam you just created.

Flip the onsie right side out and cut out the onsie inside the stitched area. Make sure you don't cut into the patchwork piece.

It should look like this.

Turn it inside out again and pin up the sides and restitch them back together.
Turn it right side out for the last time and wash the onsie to remove the ink.
And there you have it! 

If you don't feel inspired to make this for St. Paddy's Day don't worry there are plenty of other great things you could do instead! 
Don't be afraid to get creative with it!

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Happy Crafting!


  1. This is great! I hope you will link up to my St. Patty's Day Project Parade.

  2. Aw what a sweet onesie...very cute project.

  3. OK what is cuter the shirt or the baby? ADORABLE I found you on Tater Tots and Jello. I'd love to have you link up with us for Fun Stuff Fridays linky party at Toys In The Dryer.

  4. OMG- that is adorable. Seriously.

  5. You are invited to share this with my blog hop:

  6. Stopping by from the Weekend Wrap UP Party!!!

  7. Adorable-- the onesie and the baby! Great project!

  8. So cute & what an adorable model you have. ;) Pinning! Would love to have you link this up to my party going on over on my blog. Would LOVE to have you! :)

    Ginger @

  9. So cute and perfectly seasonal. I'd love to have you join me at Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper


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