Easy Summer Tote {tutorial}

This might possibly be the worlds easiest tote bag. It consists of two pieces of fabric and two stitches!
So enough with the chit-chat, let's get started!
Here's What You'll Need:
1 1/2 yards of fabric
Sewing Machine/Serger
Fabric Marker
Yard Stick
Iron/Ironing board

To make things look really polished I serged all sides of both the body and strap. If you don't have a serger that's fine you can either use the "overlock" stitch on your machine or skip this step all together.

There are two separate sizes shown in these photos. The colorful floral fabric is much larger and does not fit well across the body. The smaller striped one holds less but fits across the body best.

For the larger tote cut two pieces:
Body: 40"h x 23"w
Strap: 48" long by 10" wide

For the smaller tote cut two pieces:
Body: 36"h x 17"w
Strap: 57" long by 9" wide

On the short ends of the body I ironed down 1/2" and stitched an 1/8 in seam down the edge. Repeat for the other end.

Laying out the body RIGHT side up place the strap RIGHT side down centered on the body. Stitch the strap to the body back stitching at each end. 
Easiest way to find the center is to fold the body in half RIGHT sides together and mark the center point. Then fold the strap WRONG sides together pinching it at the center point and laying the pinched part on the center marker on the body.

Here's where it gets hard to explain so hopefully my picture says a lot! Here you need to turn the fabric so that it is running up the side of the strap. When it's completed there will be a "U" shape created by the body and the strap.

Do the same thing as the previous step for the other side. 

Here's that "U" shape. Repeat of the other side of the bag.

Hang the bag by the strap still inside out. Fold the strap in 1/2" on each side and iron. Stitch an 1/8" seam all the way down both sides of the strap. 
Flip the bag RIGHT side out and there you have it.

If you've got any question just ask! 

Happy Crafting!


  1. very cute! i'm so loving totes! gunna have to give this one a try!!

  2. Totally cute and refreshing! This tote would be great for beach vacationing, too!
    I want to make that gathered tote bag soon, too.

    I am a new follower and love your blog!!


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