Come On In: A Look into My Very Own Bedroom!

Ever get the sense that it's inappropriate to peak into someone else's bedroom? Well guess what? Now you don't have to! I personally invite you to take a peak into my very own master bedroom. 

If you're a BIG IKEA fan like I am you can probably spot any and all of the goods you'd find at your local store. Mixed in with my big box buys are what I consider bargain buys. The rare finds that come from the local flea market...I LOVE the flea market!
Though I'm quite pleased with my low budget room, I can't say it's my {dream} room. My dream room looks more like a combination of...

Exposed brick, old wood, countryside feel mixed with little modern flares, crisp white decor and an overall comfy feel...yum!


Thanks for stopping by my bedroom! Stay tuned for the living room!



  1. i LOVE your room amy!! i really want that ikea bed but we just got a new king bed (the angels are singing!) and my husband likes the bed on the floor :( owell....i can live with it as long as i have my king bed :)


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