Home Tour Continued: The Bathroom

I know what you're thinking..."Wow that guest bathroom is hideous!" Well you're right about one thing...it IS hideous. What you're not right about is that is actually the master bathroom (the only bathroom for that matter). That is precisely why it NEEDED to be redone. This bathroom dates all the way back to 1985, almost as old as me ;)
Look at the yellow-ish tile, orange-ish door, the ill-fitted counter top, oh and don't forget the BLACK grout! Yuck! This I couldn't deal with for long.

Fortunately I didn't have to! Here's what we did...

New white subway tile shower surround.
New Tub.
New shower/tub fixtures.
White paint on the linen closet door.
Black paint on the cabinet.
Marble counter top.
New faucet.
New toilet.
New travertine floors.
New light fixture.
Oh and who could forget the new Anthropology soap and lotion dispenser!

Hope you enjoyed this look into my bathroom! Onto the living room!



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