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Get Painting!

Alright it's time to roll up your sleeves, put on your apron (just like in kindergarten), and get painting! Don't worry this one's simple!

What you'll need:
Canvas (I chose a 16x20")
Acrylic paint
3 different size brushes
White eraser
Yard stick

I paint with the Basics brand because the colors are nice and the price point is low. It's a great beginners paint.

These are the 3 brushes I used to make this piece. You'd be hard pressed to create this without each of these types of brushes.

Brake up the canvas into 5 sections, each 4" wide for the stripes.

Spend sometime searching the internet for the type of flower you want to paint. I love poppies so I did a little search to get an idea of what they look like in various positions. I loved the kind of abstract/modern look of this poppy. When you find the perfect style begin by sketching it out onto the canvas. Don't be afraid to mess up, that's what the eraser is for! Once you've got it sketched out it's time put the paint to the canvas. 

Start by painting the stripes...gray then white. DO NOT paint where the flower goes. Once the stripes are in place you can move on to the pedals and then the stem. The final touch is the black outline and center.

Tips: You will need a couple of coats of paint to get the right coverage. To speed up the drying process use a hairdryer on "cool" if you have the option.

Think of the order you will be using the paint in. Avoid rinsing the brush repeatedly by completing one color at a time. This will also eliminate wasting paint by it drying out on the pallet from switching back and forth.

If you are a beginner painter avoid too much detail. The simpler the picture the easier it is to paint and the cleaner it will look in the end.

Don't be too critical of yourself! Art is art no matter if you consider yourself and artist or not.



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