{Free} Fat Quarter Baby Bonnet Sewing Pattern

Learn how to make a simple, sweet, & reversible baby bonnet!

This throw-back baby bonnet is easy to make and so cute on. Its reversibility means you can make it to match any outfit for your little one. You can see it pictured below on my 6 month old... 

What you will need:
2 exterior fabrics (fat quarter in size)
Muslin for the interior
Ribbon for the ties
Pattern (provided)
Sewing machine

Cut out provided template.

Using the template provided, trace the pattern on to the RIGHT side of one of your exterior fabric and the muslin.

 For the other exterior fabric trace the pattern onto the WRONG side of the fabric.

Cut out all three.

Referring to the template line up side A with side B and pin in place on both sides. 

Referring to the template stitch along the suggested dotted guidelines. Repeat this step and previous step for the muslin and additional exterior fabric.

Cut the ribbon into to pieces each 10" long. Place the ribbon on an angle in the location of the "x" on the pattern provided. Pin it in place. 

Repeat for additional side.

Place muslin against the WRONG side of one of the exterior fabrics. Place exterior fabrics RIGHT sides together and pin around all edges. Leaving a 2" gap at the bottom of the bonnet stitch a 1/4" seam around all edges.

Placing your fingers into the 2" whole that was left unstitched pull the fabric through, turning the pattern right side out.

Iron down the fabric around all the edges and stitch an 1/8" seam around all edges.

1/8" seam shown here.

Lastly finish off the ribbon by folding under the unfinished edges twice and stitch in place.


Hope you enjoyed this little pattern as much as I did. Let me know by commenting below!


Print the pattern below and scale to size using the inch and centimeter guidelines provided.


  1. That is as cute as it can be! Thank you for sharing that!

  2. Hi I was thinking of sewing this very cute bonnet for my 12month old but could you tell me what size this pattern is for? Many thanks Danielle

    1. I guess I should add that huh?! My little girl was 6 months old when she was wearing this bonnet. I think that if you add an extra 1" all the way around it would be big enough. If I wear you I'd make one out of muslin first though, to be sure :)

  3. Oh, this is just the most perfect little bonnet! I can't wait to sew some! Lovely!

  4. I am having a hard time figuring out the measurements. Duh...lol What is the total front (top/side measurment for 6 onths and the back bottom measurment. We have 6 month old identical baby girl twin grandchilldren I would luv to make them one each. Thank you. :)

    1. Hi Kay, I'm sorry I was out of town for a bit! I will need to dig up the pattern I have somewhere around here. It's been a year and a half since I made it :)


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